Workshop of SEMA (Whirling dervishes dance) in PRANA, Madrid

Workshop of SUFI HEALING MUSIC in PRANA, Madrid
6 January, 2018
Tour of Ignacio Béjar by Argentina
6 January, 2018

Workshop of SEMA (Whirling dervishes dance) in PRANA, Madrid

If you have never participated in a SEMA meeting (dervish turn) now you have an opportunity to do it, to take your wings and fly in the dance of Love with all the attendees, with live music, connecting with the essence of this healing ritual  which has practiced the Sufis for centuries as a form of meditation in movement to unite Heaven and Earth.

A way to participate actively in this Sufi ritual to synchronize with the turn of the earth, galaxies and atoms. A celebration of Love and Unity using Turkish Sufi music composed especially for this ceremony with traditional instruments played live.

A celebration of Life, from joy, to unite hearts in a new harmony, leaving behind the old to receive the new energies that are reaching the earth and humanity.
Turning we become one with the planet, with the galaxies, with the atoms … and we create a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

IMPARTE: Ignacio Béjar

WHEN: Sunday, November 19 at 11:30 a.m.

PRICE: € 20 (Limited places) Necessary advance booking

WHERE: PRANA Holistic Center. C / Ardemans nº 7 (Metro Diego de León) Madrid

INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS: 911 640 484/699 438 282

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