Sufi Healing Music

Sufi Healing Music

  • Origins

SUFI HEALING MUSIC (Oriental Music Therapy) is an ancient sufi technique for healing through live music played on oriental instruments and based on the knowledge of Pythagoras and that of ancient Egypt which was later developed by the wise men of Al-Andalus and the Middle East such as Avicenna, Al Farabi and Avempace among others, and applied by these in the hospitals of their time as a treatment for all kinds of ailments and illnesses.


I work with this sufi musical technique based on the science of makams (oriental scales) which has been recovered by Dr. Oruç Guvenç from Istanbul, and which has been applied for centuries and even millennia to synchronise the frequencies of attendees, to harmonise and unify the body and the emotions, the psyche and the soul, while seeking the connection with the spiritual.


Each makam influences different parts of the body and creates various moods and states of mind, for example:


Rast: Influences the area of the head, the eyes and is very effective in reducing mental tension. It is also effective in cases of cerebrovascular accidents. Its tonality is that of the dawn, of beginning, of opening: it provides feelings of peace.


Nihavend: Affects the blood circulation, the abdominal area, the region of the hips and legs. It has a positive influence on mental illnesses. Its tonality is that of midday, promoting a connection with beauty.


Hicaz: Acts on the area of the chest and heart. It affects the urinary system and genitals and helps with childrens' illnesses. Its tonality is that of night. It produces feelings of humility. 

  • Concept and applications

SUFI HEALING MUSIC is based on a holistic concept of the human being as part of All That Is, in which illness and disharmony come from separation.

But in fact it is much more than this.

After thirteen years of applying this Sufi technique to thousands of people I can say it is a powerful tool for the development and transformation of people's lives; one that activates the information hidden in our DNA that is waiting to unfold, that awakens our latent abilities and makes us aware of the blockages that prevent us from connecting to our true selves and reaching self-realisation.


People usually come to receive treatment for problems such as headaches, insomnia, stress, joint pain, depression, etc or simply out of curiosity, and then find after several sessions they are going through a personal process of rearranging different aspects of their lives that were not in harmony, whether it be on a personal level or in relation to others, and these changes normally break down their preconceptions, which are due to resisting the belief that music can have this kind of effect and that these parts of their lives are connected to the illness or problem they have sought treatment for.

In actual fact an illness or a life crisis usually has its root cause in something subtle and normally not contemplated, such as mismanaged emotions, behaviour patterns or inappropriate thoughts, a past experience yet to be integrated. It can also come from a disconnection with the spiritual aspect; the explanation for which being that, contrary to what we normally think, we are a combination of facets and it is necessary to balance the different aspects of our being.      


I offer both individual sessions as well as group workshops.

Attendees only need to lie down in a comfortable position, be receptive to the experience and simply let themselves go.

For SHM I play music that I create at that moment on the basis of what I perceive the person needs in order to be unified and in harmony; normally I do not need prior knowledge of whether they have some problem or other. However, if an attendee asks me for help with a specific problem, I act accordingly. For treatment I utilise the principles and scales the wise men of antiquity developed for this purpose (the science of makams according to the teachings of Dr. Oruç Guvenç from Istanbul, according to which each makam acts on different parts of the body, different organs, moods and states of mind). For this I use Turkish instruments of the Sufi tradition such as the ney, oud, and rebab, and have also incorporated other resources and instruments as a result of my personal research such as Tibetan bowls, the lyre, or the voice, and finish off with the Turkish clarinet: this is an instrument I use in a special way as it allows me to approach the patient and focus on the areas where I feel there are physical or energy blockages in order to clear them, and the effects are really surprising.


In reality, a session or workshop in SHM is an initiation through music, vibration and energy in which people begin a personal process of renewal and internal growth that brings significant changes, allowing them to improve the various aspects of their lives and develop a broader perspective of their problems and themselves, as well as an awakening of cosciousness which helps them, in many cases, to understand their purpose in life and the meaning of everything that happened to them previously and what they are currently going through.    


We are like seeds that only when sown in good soil and watered adequately will sprout and display the information of what they really are. Only when they grow may we see what was hidden in their interior, what their true form is; only then may we savour their fruits.


  • Experiences and results

Experiences and results vary in each session and a person treated with SHM will experience whatever their being really needs, as I do not predetermine the effect I want to cause with the music, rather, the vibration acts on the energetic level each person requires.

In some cases they will feel the vibration and energy acting upon different organs or parts of the body, in others they will receive information from their subconscious in the form of images and sensations, in yet others they will experience regressions to important moments of their life and in some cases even to past lives in order to become aware of what they need to work on or what their mission in this life is. In other instances they will have mystical or spiritual experiences, physical or emotional healing or healing at a distance. It is very common for the heart chakra to open, for meaning to be found in past experiences, for one to recover one's self-confidence, for one to enter a state of great happiness, for conflicts to be resolved due to gaining a new perspective of them, for important awareness to be gained, to make peace with family members who have passed on, to have feelings of opening oneself to something new, to develop new abilities...

The majority of those who have participated in this experience tell me that it cannot be expressed in words, and I agree: it has to be experienced in order for one to know how it works and what it is really about.

For my part I consider myself to be very fortunate and am grateful for having found, on my path, such a beautiful tool for helping to awaken consciousness and for being able to share it with all of you.

By clicking here you can read some testimonies of the many experiences that usually have the attendees to the private sessions and the workshops of Sufi Healing Music


For information on prices and availability, contact me:


Tlf: +34 658 921 373



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