As soon as the Ney begins to sound, I get the image of beings dancing on my belly. They are violet in colour and have a shape similar to that of a human being: trunk, head and extremities. They invite me to dance and enjoy them. I let myself be carried away and join in their dance.

After a while, everything around us turns blue. We are wrapped in water and the beings are different: they are also blue and their bodies are very flexible, changing continuously. With cheerful and smiling expression on their faces, the water beings move around me. Water surrounds us everywhere and we dance in its bosom.

Again, another transformation takes place; everything changes very quickly. From the water explodes fire, which floods all space. It is as if it were in the very heart of the sun, accompanied by the beings of fire, whose bodies are living and burning flames. We feel an immense joy and fun while we dance.

In our ascending dance, fire is transmuted into air. The beings of the air possess transparent and translucent bodies; from their mouths blows a warm and soft air, like a caress. A multitude of bubbles surround us. We dance floating between them and rainbows begin to emerge in movement around us.

Little by little, we descend to earth. I find myself in a green meadow full of beautiful multicolored flowers. The beings of the earth smile at me. Their skin is made of clay and wood, and their hair is flowers, leaves and branches. We are in a valley surrounded by very high mountains of snowy peaks and we dance with joy and happiness. Suddenly, we hear an explosion and the mountain on our left erupts. From the top of the volcano flows a torrent of burning red lava that descends the slope like a tongue at full speed. To my astonishment, the magma does not burn or destroy the grass, the trees or the flowers in its path, but all the vegetation joins the red tongue, forming a multicoloured green tongue after it. The two chained tongues ascend to the sky and a tongue of transparent air joins them. Then, the chain of tongues descends to the sea, where a tongue of water is added to it.

Tongues are like the current of a river; they are currents of fire, of green and flowery earth, of air and water. They advance in variable movements: sometimes in a straight line, and other times, describing curves. Now, the tongues gather and rotate around a centre, passing one over the other repeatedly, like different strings that overlap again and again to form a ball. They are in continuous movement: fire is followed by water; then, green and flowery earth, air... the alternation of elements and colours does not have a definite order, but they dance in harmony. And in their rhythmic game, they give shape to a sphere, which floats in empty space. I realize that it is a planet.

I look around me and contemplate that, all over space, there are innumerable similar spheres, constituted by the cyclic movement of energy of the elements. It is the universe. I am contemplating the infinite universe with its countless planets.

I turn my attention to the sphere in front of me and see that the tongues of the elements, mixing in their dance, have merged into a single tongue of golden light, which keeps spinning and spinning on itself very quickly, causing the sphere to become a planet of bright golden light.

The tongue of golden light stops spinning on itself and passes by me, opening up and showing me that within it, the stream of light moves in a spiral.

As I pass closer to myself, I realize that the golden light moving in a spiral is a chain of DNA. The different molecules that make up the DNA helix separate and are repositioned in different positions. Then the tongue of golden light closes again.

The DNA, the elements of nature, the planets and the Universe. From the smallest to the largest and immeasurable. From the most essential to the most vast. Everything is made of the same thing. And I realize that I myself am composed of all of it. Everything I have seen has happened inside my body and, at the same time, outside it: the dancing of tongues, the formation of planets, the tongue of golden light that is DNA transforming itself... Not only has happened outside, in the outer universe, but also inside my body: the energy of the elements is inside me, moving and creating the planets, which are my own cells, whose DNA has been changing...

Then I see my own body, lying face up, ascending from the earth to the dawn sky. An intense orange sun, very luminous, shines very brightly. When my body reaches the height of the sun, it rises and I discover that it has become an angel, suspended in front of the sun with its wings extended. His whole body is ethereal light white and golden, and emits a halo of flames of fire of the same color. Suddenly, I feel inundated with a wonderful feeling that I am here to radiate love and light to the world.

In front of me is the image of the angel, who is myself, with the giant sun behind her, in a bright and bright sky of gold, yellow and orange. Then, under the feet of the angel, the following phrase is written in space: "One can be happy in this life".

The image remains for a while. Then it dissolves and nothing else arises.

This has a profound impact on me, because for a long time I have not understood what sense it makes to be here: I cannot find my place in the world or what meaning my life has, why I am here. And on many occasions I want to go to another place, to go to another dimension, where I can be truly happy, live in joy and where everything makes sense.

Throughout this process, I have sometimes felt like currents of energy moving through my arms to the fingertips of my hands.

Ignacio changes instruments, I don't know exactly what it is, but it seems as if it were the sound of some bowls. I hear them on my right and left. The sound envelops me, calms me and comforts me. If I am lying on my back, I turn to the right and place myself in a fetal position. I feel surrounded by a kind of protective mantle, by a paternal affection that embraces me and makes me feel safe.

After a while, I lie on my back. Ignacio gets up and starts playing the clarinet on different parts of my body: the forehead, the throat, the abdomen... In doing so, the currents of energy that I felt sometimes unleash themselves and travel all over my body. They are like electric shocks. My body shakes, shakes and dances in harmonious convulsions. I don't try to resist and let myself be completely carried away. I feel that the energy that was blocked in me is released and released. When the clarinet sounds next to the soles of my feet, the discharge is intense. When Ignacio finishes playing, everything returns to calm.

After this experience, I have the feeling that there is a monster inside me that has been there all my life. It's fear. It is darkness. But that monster is not me. I am light, love and happiness. I can feel it with great clarity. I see how I resist flowing with life, empowering that dark monster, letting it dominate my life experience. But that's not me... I just have to keep it in mind and decide day by day, moment by moment, whether to identify with it or with what I really am... It's a matter of choice...


It has been five weeks since the session, and since then, I feel that a change of vital attitude is gradually being integrated into me. I feel more self-confident, calmer and take the things that happen to me more calmly. I accept much better everything I don't like about my life. What's more, I'm no longer so focused on what I don't like about my life, but on what I like about it, enjoying and being grateful for this wonderful gift. Feeling that my life does make sense. And instead of letting myself be dominated by the monster of darkness, living bitterly and rejecting my circumstances, I feel more and more forcefully within me the will to give my best at every moment. I experience that I accept better the way of being of others and I feel more empathetic, tolerant and humble in my relationships. And also that there is in me a personal potential and a creativity that are flourishing and I feel more courageous to allow them to come out into the light and express themselves.

In fact, two weeks ago, on a Monday morning, I had a very beautiful and totally unusual experience: I woke up dreaming that I was happy. I simply dreamed that I was living my life with joy and happiness. I was dressed in white and I was smiling and full of joy. A golden light enveloped all the space around me. It was then, at that moment, that I woke up. Surprised, I got out of bed with a smile on my face and full of enthusiasm, wanting to go to work and enjoy every moment of the day. I felt that the sunlight coming through my window was very luminous and that the beings of fire, water, air and earth were there with me. That they are always there, inviting me to dance with them... I felt that yes, that "one can be happy in this life".


Almost two months ago I RECEIVED my first individual session of oriental music therapy with Ignacio Bejar. The events that have taken place since then have been numerous, significant healing processes that I will try to write in detail below:


  I lie down, and the music begins, the sweet sound of ney accompanies me in a deeper and deeper relaxation.

  My mind is still agitated so I go inwardly directing my mind to "stop making any kind of effort here and now" (an indication I usually use in my meditation sessions to get calm).

  I come into closer contact with my bodily sensations, revealing crystallized postural schemes that respond to blockages in my system. I direct my attention to observe, "enter" these blocks as much as possible, and does not require effort or tension.

  In my inner vision there are images of insects, ticks that inhabited my heart and go out, drain a purulent liquid, crap that is draining from my heart, dirt I perceive was long-lodged. Related to this my hands and arms and legs are releasing accumulated tensions. And yawning and sighing indicate that the system continues to release accumulated tension. I keep watching the breath, focus my attention on the breathing continuously. When the mind catches me and I lose my presence I am again and again in my breathing and listening to the music that sounds.

  My body continues to relax, my mind becomes more calm, and my consciousness goes deeper into the perception of being. Several images follow, a metallic structure of the style of a twisted wire imprisons my heart, perceiving it I get rid of this, lotus flowers arise in the perception of the inner image.


  The emotion shakes me, a convulsion that shakes my whole body makes take off the legs of the plane of the ground where I am lying, vigorous cough arises from the depths of my lungs, which at the end brings a deep sigh and an old cry of pain. Immediately after my mother and grandfather, his father, whom I did not know since I passed away when my mother was 21 years old. A hard destiny that your father dies when he is so young. It is difficult and more at that time to live the mourning fully so that it is fully transmuted and leaves no traumatic trace.

I never saw my mother cry, only in the death of her husband my father. I entered to release that emotion, the heartbreaking cry of the death of my grandfather, emotional pain that came from then arises in me with great opening of space in the chest and release in the dorsal inter scapular area.

After this phase and in the course they change the instruments, and different phases generate different body sensations.

My thymus, in the chest, in the upper part of the sternum, appears, is tense, reveals itself as a pincushion of a seamstress (my mother was a dressmaker), with pins and needles on the cover of the cap that in turn was My thymus gland When these pins start to release, they acquire the arrangement of the DNA chain, a chain that is dismantled in its spiral. Producing a sense of great release and relief. Emotion has given way and gives way to the realization that something very deep is healed in me.

I had a decoding of my DNA, a very deep and ancient mark that I carried in my family system for the unfinished duel that marked my childhood recording that I received quite little affective nutrition.

This is a session that marks a before and after. Ends the session. A lot of instruments have passed, melodies that have allowed my soul to rest, confident, that have rounded the corners that had cuddled my soul.

Sweet, deep and potently transformative work.

Three weeks later:

In synchrony with another self-knowledge work, my mother develops an infection in her leg, a cellulitis that has affected her from time to time. Causing high fevers, a process that takes several weeks to heal. Curious coincidences.

After taking the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor, the infection gives in and everything seems to improve. Nevertheless to the days it develops an acute low back pain that prevents him to stay upright and to lead an independent life. She does not respond to paracetamol treatments, and is furious with pain and impotence.

I propose to perform an osteopathic treatment, but there is no way to enter, the tissues do not respond. It is very affected and the tests that I perform indicate a saturation of metabolic toxicity.

I propose that you take a cleansing diet for three days, and on the third day I will treat you again. The tissues have changed enormously responding immediately to the treatment, agreeing to release the structures that were trapped, and that previously there was no way to access them.

She is relaxed, lying on the stretcher in deep relaxation. I come in contact with a deep sadness and tears begin to sprout from pain, without drama or suffering, the tissues show me the way to release the leg, which has chronic edema since I was born (a phlebitis that developed my mother caused me to interrupt my Breastfeeding a week after being born).

The devotional music sounds to the Divine Mother in the living room, the tissues are released and tears continue to flow, now from gratitude to my mother to Mother. I feel very experienced the experience of having been wanted, of having received what I needed, of gratitude to this woman who with 7 children, I the sixth, has always had a protective eye and nourished, pending of what he did or did not do.

I am healing a branch of my family tree, which concerns my whole clan, an old trauma is healed and everything acquires a more harmonic order.

M.C. He gets up happy, smiling relaxed, there are still lumbar discomfort but his posture has improved remarkably. There will be several days of assimilation as the body makes its adjustments to adapt to the new situation and that low back pain is part of the past.

At six weeks I notice that my shoulders are more rooted, I always had the shoulders shrunken; And my chest more expanded at the same time as the sensation of entrapment in the middle dorsal area has diminished remarkably.

It's time for my next music therapy session.


My healing experience through Oriental Sufi music has been an experience beyond description that reason can find logical.

I will make this attempt to share it, and support the sacred work of healing the heart with oriental music, the lineage of Baraka's bearers like Rumi, the master Oruç Guvenç, - who recently passed to another plane - and left his dream to the dream of Ignacio, Of the artists, sheltering a seed from the school of Sufi music of the heart, as in the hospitals of yesteryear, those spells that only the One knows how to say. I knew that there were four hospitals of this medicine in Andalusia, Spain, I trust that a new one is being opened.

Ney en Mezquita Web

My DNA changed, my belief systems, and a mysterious alternating tachycardia for months, I struggled to breathe the transforming energy, I required days of physical stillness and silence until I returned.

Of Lover that I am, I arrive at a concert of Ignacio by pure intuition. It was wonderful and I asked her to go to the Eastern music session privately - I declare in love with ney-

I thought it would be relaxing ... it did not give me time to think that I was subject to a thin thread, while my being, dispersed in fragments and timeless blackness, I remember crossing layers, and ever more deep and incomprehensible pain, confusion, I started Crying without being able to control NOTHING, tears came out, it was a river and the old one ripped my heart, I tried to go spiritually, escape the pain of the soul, while something suggested to me that it does not show me like this ... a pressing musical cleaning battled with my demons with The greatest sweetness I had ever heard, a mighty ney, who did not shut up and emanate God from their mouths intoxicated me with a consciousness of Immaculate Light, lost in space and at the same time contained by the vibration of love that attracted me to the nectar of My heart, floating in music of high skies, white, pure, brilliant, primary sound sustenances, emanating rhythms that little began to reassign the fragments of my soul in perfect order, commands of the light of wisdom and in each piece embedded reintegrando my being towards a new harmonious and full space.

Today, I hear this music that embraces one day, today I see the pearl that left in my heart.

I wish I could express it better, thanks Ignacio for the medicine, always honoring your work, I accompany your way, shaman of the desert ... thank you.



Two days before a NEY AS HEALING INSTRUMENT AND INNER ALCHEMY workshop, I received a phone call from an unknown number. Since it was just a few days away from the start of the event, I thought it might be someone asking for information. But this was not the case. The call came from a young woman who was studying Middle-Eastern dance, and wanted help from me as a Middle-Eastern music professional because she had hit some hitches while integrating dance to music in specific musical passages.

She said during our phone conversation that there was a moment in the Middle-Eastern Dance course she was enrolled in when she had to dance onstage accompanied by a Middle-Easter percussion player, and the teacher stopped her dance on the grounds that the dancer was not doing it well. This experience prompted the young woman to seek my help as musician, unaware of my activities as musical therapist.

But in the course of the conversation I felt that the story went deeper than at the dance-technique level, so I told her about the workshop, feeling that it could help her. She was reluctant at first because, she confessed, had participated in many different therapy sessions and was tired of them. Nevertheless, she finally decided to attend mine.

During the workshop I did a session of Healing Sufi Music in which I played, as I always do, the makams (Middle-Eastern musical scales), because I felt that all those who were present would benefit at some level.

I remember playing, among other makams, Aczemasiran and Nihavend, which are scales which help develop creativity and start something new; the latter, specifically helps develop inner strength and the determination to face fears. But I must explain first that I never say what I am going to play or why before a workshop, so as not to influence participants in any way. I explain only at the end, after experiences have been shared. It is a way for individual participants to understand at what level they have been influenced by the music, without using any words. I felt that those scales were going to be good for the young student of dance.

At the end of the workshop, participants shared their very special experiences. When the turn arrived for the young dancer to speak, this is what she said:
She said that she had never felt loved, and that from the time she was a girl she had not received any love. During the music therapy session, she had experienced going back to her childhood and saw scenes she had forgotten, scenes in which her grandparents acted in a loving way toward her. This upset her conception of her childhood experience. She could not maintain any longer that she had not received love. She also mentioned regressing to a past life, visualizing members of a tribe persecuting and killing her. This shed a light on feeling afraid when out in the street alone, sensing that she was being persecuted and harassed even when there was nobody around: this happened very frequently.

She didn’t want to elaborate on what happened when she was listening to the bowls and the voice because she said that the experience was of a very personal nature—but she commented on the fact that she had seen her best friend, who had already died, and they brought to a close issued that had not been resolved.
She pointed out that, when I played the Turkish clarinet at the end of the session, I came close to a part of her head (someArcos de la mezquita Valky Webthing that I often do, coming close to the part of the body where I sense there is blockage). At that moment, not knowing why, the moment when she came onstage with the musician and her teacher stopped her came to mind.

When the workshop was over, she told me that she had enjoyed herself very much, but that it was not what she really needed. She still felt she wanted music lessons from me to understand how to integrate the music to her dance. That evening, as I meditated, I understood that the workshop had been healing for her, but that she still didn’t understand how healing it had been because she could not tie loose ends.

Two weeks later, she called me back to share something awesome that had happened to her. It turned out that the day after the workshop, she had her first public appearance as a dancer: it had been a wonderful performance, although she had to improvise to a music she had not been familiar with. Everyone congratulated her and received requests to perform in different venues. In fact, she had been performing continuously until the day she called. She was brimming with happiness.

Still, she was calling me about the music lessons she wanted me to teach her, convinced that was what she really needed. I asked her to pay attention to some details. When the dance teacher had stopped her, it had reflected her wound in relation to the lack of love and acceptance from her family: that’s why, unconsciously, she didn’t see her teacher, but instead she saw how her mother or her grandmother rejected her: re-living the childhood experience meant that she had finally accepted the truth, that she was healing. She had understood her feelings in order to vanquish her fears, because only what we are aware of can be healed and integrated into our lives.

What had happened coming onstage and being stopped was the breaking point, and the lack of acceptance and the fears she had felt throughout her life came to a head, and that’s why she had thought of that experience when I played the clarinet near her head. Music was bringing her a clear message so that her soul could heal—but although the information had reached her at a deep level, she was still not completely aware of what had happened to her.

It was at that moment of the conversation when there was a profound silence, and then she said that she was shell-shocked because she had just realized how very deeply she had healed, and that this upset all the beliefs about herself she had had up to that time. She had attended a lot of workshops and therapy sessions, but healing had never been experienced at the level that she was experiencing now.

I told her that my music goes to the place where the person needs it to help with the life process, even if the person herself does not fully understand at the moment: deep transformation and harmony have settled in, initiating a change that will take days, weeks, months, maybe years.

She was moved and thanked me.

She said, “May God pay you.”

And then she added: “Well, He already does it.”

And it is true.  

WORKSHOP IN AZUR´S HOUSE, San Pedro Alcántara (Málaga), February of 2015

Dear Ignacio. How are you? It was very nice to meet you in the party, and I liked very much your healing music and the meditation. Just got a mail from Juan with your e-mail address, and understand that you would like to here about the distant healing which I think happened with my sister in law, through me, when you gave me the healing music on my left knee. You know when you gave me the healing music on my knee I was wondering why, because I don’t have any trouble with it, but I liked the music and the vibrations.

experiencias4 My sister in law arrived here the Wednesday after we had met, for one week.---But she had called me some days before and told me that she thought she maybe would have to cancel, because she has had an operation one year ago and had overstrained her knee due to snow removing to her car!(this is Norway in the winter!!)  I told her to go and get acupuncture on Monday because everything is closed during the weekend. Anyhow, I meet you on Sunday, the day before in the party, and you gave me the healing music. So she told me when she came here that on Sunday afternoon(!!) suddenly her knee became so much better and she could walk on it again, but went also to get acupuncture as I had told her. She had been thinking of having a wheel chair assistance on the airports, but she had no problems anymore, she walked alone to and from the plane, and also here, all the time here! Then suddenly when she told me this I remembered the healing music you gave, and my wondering why you gave me healing on my left knee .So I asked her which knee it was and what time..........,and that’s the story.

Well, I don’t know if I have been able to tell the story so you can understand it, but please call me if you like. And because I have been working so many years with "natural" medicine and have seen so many amazing things happened I have no doubt that the healing you gave me was for her. All the best to you and thank you!

EXPERIENCE IN A SUFI HEALING MUSIC WORKSHOP. April the 28th in Yogamar Center. Torremolinos (Málaga)

  I start the musical session as a small leaf falling from a tree. This time the leaf is not dry, but is green. I sway in the wind and I see roofs of houses in the field, a field with flowers. It's Spring.

  I always fall into the same small brook I met there in the Pyrenees, that morning we walked with the girls. The first time I saw a small creek I had fish! And I taught them to my little daughters as a gift from nature, so different from the place where we lived. The cold water from the thaw of the mountain, but so alive, made you want to follow the course of the stream downstream.

  When I fall into the water I always feel the same sensation, the water is cold and I do not like it when I touch my back, but I let myself go.

  Shortly after flowing through the stream I feel happy and I see on the left side, small brown stones, with some verdin, and collected by these stones, a group of dry leaves. I approach them and greet them encouraging them to join me downstream and follow me.

  Bosque Japon

  We are already a group that we flow happy, laughing and letting ourselves be carried by the water and its movements, as if it were an aquatic attraction.

We come to a large deep pool where the water is still and we float on one side of it, next to the vertical wall of a rock from which arise many plants, like yedra and culantrillos of well and in all the high, a great Tree, all green, which gives shade to the pool.

Rest by the vertical wall and hear the voice of children playing and laughing, they make me smile. I am happy listening to them and watching as they jump from stones near the pool, bombs, clutching their legs. I see two of them, but I feel they are more.

I look up at the tree, against light, and a very white light dazzles me. Next to that light a hummingbird waving its wings. When I try to reach him I find myself being a bee, pollinating some white flowers that are next to the country houses that I saw at the beginning, when it fell from the tree.

Then I see myself again in the pool next to the vertical stone wall and the water makes me go out on one side falling down a waterfall to a great river, already in another area of the world, maybe Canada ?, it is brave and you have many stones White and gray, is surrounded by pines and firs, and in the distance there are very high mountains, with some snow on top. I do not fall into the water but I start to fly like a bee, or maybe a dragonfly, and I follow the river until I reach the valley of the fairies, that wonderful place that exists on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, where I was Two summers ago. I am in the center of the valley in person and I feel like there are more people ?, souls ?, around me and I start to dance, opening my hands and we all do it in a common union, it is as if something invisible united us and we were Each of us a note of a melody and although I do not see anyone, I feel happy, accompanied, in the middle of that green valley, so full of energy.

That image vanishes and I see a fountain like those of the Alhambra, on the floor. I am that source, because from the ground I observe that I am in the middle of a large room, it is as if I, as a source had eyes and watched the room where there are many people dancing around in white suits, there is a bonfire lit at the bottom of the Room and behind the arched windows you see the starry night.

I leave the fountain like a drop of water and I get up to dance and enjoy it, it's like I levitate around the fountain along with more people, this time if I see that they are people, men and women, although I do not see their faces .

Then I see myself in my house, where I live now, in the kitchen, preparing something to celebrate in the living room with my family. It is night and already in the hall I start dancing again by taking me by the arm of my daughters, we dance like the Greek dance, there are more people, maybe their boyfriends but my husband is not. I run to look for him in the bedroom, he is sitting on the bed, he does not dance, he looks at me and I start dancing for him looking him in the eyes, it's as if we both dance with our eyes, there was a perfect union .

I disconnect and when I return I am in my old house where my father died but I do not feel like being there, I go out on the terrace and I see myself in the office of the notary where that apartment was sold, I see my brothers angry and I feel bad, I leave the place, I do not want to be there.

I see myself swimming in a turquoise blue sea after a big fish that tows me, I go to great speed almost by the surface, down there are corals but I do not stop.

I'm cold and I begin to feel a breeze on my face. In the distance I see a woman on her back, it's like a country house, everything that surrounds her and she herself is gray blue or silver, metallic, stands tall, leaps a creek and gets there, Tata? Are you? I get excited and cry, I feel at peace with you. Does she work as next to a fountain or is it an oven?And he keeps his back to me and I tell him tata I want to stay here, with you, I beg you.

And back to me and I say tata I want to stay here, with you, I implore. She answers me you can not, you have to work a lot. The breeze grows stronger in my face, as if a window opens and I sigh deeply conforming myself and telling her, then help me, I can not alone. That breeze on my face comforts me and I see myself in the bottom of a cave dancing with my Father and mother. Back, again a bonfire. From the top, my brothers look at us, I ignore them. I am happy dancing like a girl next to my parents, also young. I thank you, thank you, thank you, because I know you are going to help me. I completely dislodge and after a while I see myself at the door of a cave, entering. It is dark and I penetrate towards it but I do not see anything, continuous and disconnected at all. I'm not afraid, I feel grateful. The Tibetan bowls continue to ring, I just listen and my whole body, starting with my feet, starts to have spasms, from the legs, buttocks and back. I relax, I feel comforted.

EXPERIENCE IN WORKSHOP AT XANIT INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL (Benalmádena) 20/03/2015 Dear Ignacio: I write to tell you about my experiences during the Sufi Music healing workshop at Xanit Hospital today. At the beginning of the session, when you started playing the Sufi flute, I felt as if my energy centers were being massaged from the first to the fourth chakra. Then, I felt as if my physical body was being lifted from the floor. I could honestly say that I levitated, even if only by an inch or so…, and later on I could feel floating around the room, and then floating around the planet. I was floating in the cosmos, where everything was incredibly beautiful, although quite hostile. I then looked toward our planet and was able to see its great beauty. I have felt how fortunate we are to live in a planet that gives us all we need, and that it also hugs us and cradles us like a mother, and shelters us…If we could all understand this well, it would keep us from experiencing so much sorrow… I realized how much I’ve missed my father, and a flood of tears poured down, and felt his warm, long embrace. He looked at me and told me that I have to be strong to walk my own path, write my own story; he said that I have a very important mission to carry out, and that I have to do it trusting in life. It was as if he had said, “Dry your tears, grow up into a strong, powerful woman, and heal.” He pushed me up, and I found myself barefoot on a dirt road, and I started walking, slowly but sure of myself, feeling the earth under my feet. Basilica Cazorla art firma Web I kept on walking, sensing how my menstrual blood soaked up and nourished the soil…Then, my current partner showed up, smiled at me, and we went on walking together…My belly started growing then, creating a new life…I was completely naked and alone in Nature, giving birth, while the vegetation served as my bed and protected me…Like a raging lioness, I felt powerful and welcomed my baby, offering him my breast, and I kept walking feeling very happy, while a wild strength grew within me, something superhuman almost… While you played the bowls, I felt shaken to the point of jumping up, and then came the OM—and I got the chills running from my head to my feet: there is such a lot of truth in just one sound, one word! The melody played with the clarinet enveloped me completely: I felt as if the melody and I were making love, there was pleasure in listening, it awoke my sensuality but from innocence, it was like a dance, life’s dance that consists only of loving—it’s that easy and simple! When you love all is fluid, easy, lacking in any kind of effort. But all this has nothing to do with loving, but with LOVE with capital letters. That’s the key and it summarizes everything I said before, what I keep for myself out of the experience. So, here is where I am… A million thanks!!!! Another experience I had at the Cudeca Benefit event in Churriana: My left knee had been hurting for weeks, it was swollen…When you were playing the Sufi flute I started feeling needles and pangs of pain; words such as “humility, simplicity, lots of humility…” came to my head, and I felt that those were the areas in my life that I had to work on. The pain subsided the next day, and the following day it was completely gone. At this same session, I felt like punctures against a little growth on my underarm, it happened over and over, while I was thinking: “Embrace life: that’s what I have to do.” Later on I have understood what this means: rather than embracing life, one has to allow life to flow, to follow its course, allow ourselves to become Life’s (or God’s) instrument. And develop our gifts, our talents, achieve our potential…But we shouldn’t be doing anything except allowing this process to happen—emptying ourselves… Many, many thanks, Ignacio, for the wonderful job you are doing. I will see you at the next workshop. Hugs!


I was able to submerge myself into an alternative space aided by the music that Ignacio played for me. My thoughts merged with the air and flew towards a distant energy source. The place where I found myself was not made up of colors or physical shapes: it was rather a space where energy accumulated, some sort of superior love. I remained there for a while, learning from that energy in order to return to myself again, the same way as a genie returns happily to his lamp dancing in the air.

En la cueva de la fuente (Shiraz) Web

Once I had returned, I was able to show myself to others as if I were that love energy that I had received in my journey. It was possible to be free that way: free to do or undo according to my intentions, insofar as my actions were aligned with that kind of master energy.

After that, all kinds of positive experiences and gifts for the soul came to me. So much thankfulness became a new energy source that inundated me and at some point had to leave me, projecting outwards in the form of an intense white light flowing in all possible directions. Those who were around me benefited from the light as well.

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