Music, Resonance and Creativity as a Path to AWAKENING Consciousness

An experiential workshop in which Ignacio Béjar shares with us different tools and group dynamics for evolution and interior growth, the development of consciousness, along with his life experiences through playing live the instruments and music of the world, recovering the ritual, harmonising and healing function of this art in different millennial cultures that have preserved important information and wisdom for the awakening of human beings, integrating this with the latest discoveries in neuroscience and quantum physics.

“Old wine in new wineskins”

All is vibration: we are part of a universe in constant movement. When we realise this from experience and become synchronised, we can resonate and in this way interact with and transform our reality through our thoughts, acts and intentions by choosing the frequencies we wish to attract to our lives, and the best tool we have for this is music from consciousness for developing creativity and expressing it from the heart, thus recovering our true, forgotten power in this society but which in other traditional cultures has been preserved, where the various artistic disciplines are still used (music, dance, movement, tales, painting, mantrams...) in a ritual way, as a form of meditation for unifying the body and the soul and connecting us with nature, with our being, and with other interior and transcendental realities so necessary for the human being.

In this workshop we carry out different exercises, some of them form the Sufi tradition and shamanism of Central Asia, such as: Exercises in becoming aware of energy, exercises in fluidity, developing listening, voice work, Baksi dances –healing, shamanic dances from Central Asia–, zikers (Sufi mantras), creative visualisation exercises for developing the right hemisphere of the brain (the location of creativity, emotions, intuition, spirituality, artistic qualities, etc). There will be a group session of SUFI HEALING MUSIC with live music for balancing us and harmonising our different parts (physical, emotional and spiritual), whirling dervishes, Sufi music and much more... using mainly instruments played live (Turkish ney, Arab lyre, rebab, saxophone, monochord, shruty box, turkish clarinet, Tibetan bowls, voice, harmonic singing, bass clarinet, percussion, etc).

The objective of this workshop is, definitively, to seek, in an experiential, fun and participative way, to connect in a frequency that unifies us internally as well as with our workshop companions, with nature. The key resides in rediscovering the unity we have lost in this society which separates us and distances us from our harmonious essence. By recovering our roots and our power, we remember our function as bridges between Heaven and Earth. Awakening our true being, becoming aware of who we really are beyond the conditioning and transcending the limitations we impose on ourselves. I can say that the participants of previous workshops have experienced genuine states of plenitude, expansion and happiness, a reunion with themselves in Unity, which for many has been the beginning of a process of awakening and opening to life.

NOTE: To attend this workshop no prior knowledge of music is required, only an openness to sharing, enjoying, learning and expanding consciousness