Music for Oneness

A concept that unifies the different aspects of Ignacio Béjar´s work.
A unique and novel conception of Music as instrument for Unity, and as tool for alchemy and transformation.

Private sessions of Healing Sufi Music to harmonize and balance the individual not only at the physical level, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well. Holistic therapy that uses live music created for the moment, performed with Middle-Eastern instruments to heal specific individual problems.

Through this musical therapy Ignacio supports the different stages of the individual healing process, passing on to the participant a knowledge of love and harmony which people often are not aware of, this being the probable cause of illnesses and unbalance.

Finding harmony through music is an important aspect of the process aimed at resolving conflicts, breaking down physical and emotional blockages, and promoting states of awareness and enlightenment, which bring about tremendous health improvements at all levels. This is an important inflexion point in the lives of many participants.

Many of our society’s problems arise from the separation and fragmentation in


The different Workshops, as well as the Private Concerts with various musical instruments by Ignacio Béjar, highlight for us the ritualistic aspect of art and creativity as tools for healing and inner transformation, helping to unify the participants among themselves, allowing the access to wider states of awareness and the stablishing of connections beyond the realm of the individual, making us feel part of something bigger—a experience in which the limits we impose on ourselves in our everyday life disappear to give us access to other levels of information, at the subconscious and the collective levels.

Seeds for change

The workshops objectives are the development of creativity, the use of the right side of our brain and the opening of the heart through musical improvisation, integrating sources form diverse cultures and spiritual traditions to guide our work. These workshops are powerful tools for the creation of new neuron connections, activation of ADN and the awakening of awareness.


AT THE SOCIOCULTURAL LEVEL:  The intercultural encounters proposed by Ignacio Béjar for Concerts and Festivals arise from the concept of the integration of the different ways of seeing the world and life itself through art and music as universal language, a meeting point, where artistic projects with musicians from different countries, cultures and traditions create a link that unifies what´s apparently separated, but that can reunite when speaking with the language of the heart.

This is a necessary contribution for mankind new awareness, because unity can be achieved through beauty, creativity and spontaneity.
With this concept, Ignacio Béjar has developed several musical projects, and has formed new groups with musicians from India, Turkey, Morocco and other parts of Africa, Iran, Germany, Austria, Portugal…, and is open to new encounters through music from the heart.

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