“Ilahi Naad” proposes an authentic meeting of souls through the traditional music of such distant and exotic places as India, Turkey and Andalusia that share common roots based in modal music, in the search for depth, for transcendance and the remembrance of Unity. Just as light is borne through the union of different colours. A journey guided by Indian ragas and Turkish makams through places and emotions of rare and intense beauty, in a musical weave that unfolds and intertwines in ways magical and surprising. Improvisation and spontaneous creation give rise to rhythms and beautiful melodies that flow from silence and peace towards ecstasy.

“Ilahi Naad”

is borne of the collaboration between Dharambir Singh, one of the most renowned sitarists and masters of Indian music residing in England and the multi instrumentalist, composer and music and Oriental Healing Music researcher, Ignacio Béjar. The ample resources and inspiration of these enormously experienced musicians, the beautiful sounds of such rich and expressive instruments as the sitar, the ney, the oud, Indian tablas, the Turkish clarinet or the voice, all evoke sound landscapes of great beauty and originality that touch and elevate the listener's heart.

USTAD DHARAMBIR SINGH: Sitar and voice UPNEET SINGH: Tabla KAVIRAJ SINGH: Santur, voice IGNACIO BÉJAR: Turkish ney, oud, Turkish clarinet