SUFI MUSIC THERAPY, Against the virus of fear, on FACEBOOK

3rd Workshop of the SCHOOL OF MUSIC FOR ONENESS in Malaga
29 December, 2019
SUFI HOLIDAYS in La Costa del Sol, Finca AL LIMÓN, Estación de Cártama (Málaga)
7 June, 2021

SUFI MUSIC THERAPY, Against the virus of fear, on FACEBOOK

“The body falls ill when the soul is weak. The body is damaged when our soul is damaged. It follows that the healing of the body has to do with the healing of the soul. The restoration of its strength and substance brings us back into the right balance. And to do this, we help ourselves with the right sounds for each case.
Al Farabi (Persian sage and doctor of the 10th century)
I offer this free experience with SUFI MUSIC THERAPY to help in these critical moments.
It is proven that fear weakens our immune system.
This ancient healing technique with live Sufi music has been used in ancient times ( for many centuries, and in different cultures, especially in the Mediterranean) to alleviate all kinds of diseases and strengthen the immune system.
A prayer through Sufi Music to raise the vibration and expand the consciousness

RECOMMENDATIONS: Loudspeakers to be able to listen well to the music from the computer or mobile phone, mats or blankets and a cushion to lie down and be able to enter in a deep state of receptivity.
INSTRUCTIONS: Ignacio Béjar ( Multi instrumentalist, musician, composer and healer through Sufi Music )
INSTRUMENTS: Ney, Oud, Rebab, Lyre, Harmonium, Voice, Turkish Clarinet
WHEN AND WHERE: Sunday 22nd March at 18:00h. by FACEBOOK live. Here:

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