SUFI MUSIC THERAPY workshop in YANTRA, Yoga Center. Malaga

BEING ONE with SUFI MUSIC AND DANCE, at Centro Agape in Malaga
30 August, 2019
30 August, 2019

SUFI MUSIC THERAPY workshop in YANTRA, Yoga Center. Malaga

Tuning to heart rate through Sufi Live Music.

A different dimension of music transformed into living and conscious energy, uniting with our body at the cellular level and activating our subtle bodies through vibration and right intention, bringing information of harmony and expansion of consciousness from the Source.

Three-hour workshop

Heart music for (among other things):

The Expansion of Consciousness

Reduce stress and anxiety

Activate the right hemisphere (creativity, inspiration, spiritual connection)

Create positive mood swings

Prevent brain degeneration

Improve concentration, intelligence and the immune system

IMPARTS: IGNACIO BÉJAR: Multi instrumentalist, Composer, Musician, Therapist with music and sound
INSTRUMENTS: Ney, Oud, Rebab, Voice, Lyre, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Turkish Clarinet, Difonic Song, Harmonium.

WHEN: Saturday 30 March from 18:00h to 21:00h
PRICE: 25€ ( Advance booking required)
WHERE: YANTRA Yoga Center. Plaza de la Malagueta Nº2 Horizonte Building. Mezzanine
29016 Malaga
INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS: 658 921 373 / 629 587 044

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