Concert/Workshop DANCING THE BEING at the BUCHINGER CLINIC in Marbella
30 August, 2019
Night Route through Torcal and Healing with Sufi Music
30 August, 2019


We are music, everything is music and vibration.
The changes that humanity is having are due to a vibrational change that leads to an opening of our right hemisphere, feminine part, connected to the heart.
Music created from the heart, reaches where words do not reach, transmitting information from the Source.
Beauty and Love through music harmonizes the human being at all levels. This is a very ancient science that the sages knew and applied thousands of years ago but that we have forgotten.
My work in these workshops is to share and disseminate this knowledge through direct experience and the transmission of information and energy.

Sufism is the way of the heart and unity, the search for harmony that emanates from the subtle world, from the divine, expressed in this manifested reality.
For me music is the language of the soul, which connects these realities and thus manages to unite heaven and earth. An ephemeral, evanescent melody, expressed in the present continuous, the voice of the divine latent within us longing to be released in an act of conscious Love, of unlimited creation, which attunes us to our true essence, breaking the barriers that separate us by means of a shared frequency that unites hearts and brings us closer to the Infinite Artist, to taste the echoes of the Paradise Lost and remind us of the way back home.
I have participated, as a musician, in numerous Dervish turning ceremonies, and I have learned Sufi Music and Oriental Music Therapy with Dr. Oruç Guvenç of Istanbul. My motivation, with my concerts and workshops, is to convey a message of unity from the heart.

IMPART: IGNACIO BÉJAR: Multi instrumentalist, composer, therapist with music and sound

INSTRUMENTS: Ney, Oud, Rebab, Lira, Harmonium, Turkish Clarinet, Voice, Harmonic Song.
WHEN: Friday 16 August at 17:00h to 19:40h
PRICE: 25€.
WHERE: MALACA XXI C/ Eslava nº 15 Málaga
INFORMATION AND BOOKINGS: Michelangelo: 678 648 742 Ignatius: 658921373

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