Workshop of live Healing music of Al-Andalus and East in Marbella

Taller de MUSICOTERAPIA ANDALUSI Y ORIENTAL en Centro El Yacimiento, Málaga
30 marzo, 2015
Concierto con ENSEMBLE TURAT AL ANDALUS en Ojós, Murcia
25 abril, 2015

Workshop of live Healing music of Al-Andalus and East in Marbella

Al-andalus and Oriental Music Therapy is a healing technique through the music that has been used for more than a thousand years in the Middle East and Central Asia as well as in hospitals in Al-Andalus, the technique consists of using different scales or oriental tones (makams) that generate wellness, and health in the body and the human being in all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and brings information of order, beauty and harmony, which creates in the listener feelings of peace, joy, self- confidence, inner tranquility and helps to the awakening of the consciousness.
The oriental music therapy sessions can take place individually or in a group. For this, live acoustic instruments are played giving a type of musical massage, submerging the patient in a pleasing universe of sound. The patient only has to let go and enjoy a deep inner journey, guided by the exotic sounds and the rich melodies.

Each oriental scale or makam influences in different parts of the body and creates different moods and states of being, such as:
Rast: have influence on the entire area of the head, eyes and is very effective in lowering mental tension. It is effective in cases of stroke. It is a tonality of dawn, start, opening, provides feelings of peace.
Nihavend: Has effects on blood circulation in the abdominal area, the area of the hips and legs. Positively influences mental illness. It is a shade of noon, and leads to connect with beauty.
Hicaz: Acts on the chest and heart. Has effect on the uro-genital system. Help childhood diseases. It is a shade of night. Provides feelings of humility.

Considered as a food for the soul, many studies analyzing the benefits of Al-andalus and Oriental music therapy as a virtuous tool that relaxes and harmonizes through sounds.

OFFERED: Ignacio Béjar ( Turkish ney, Oud, Tibetan bowls, Turkish clarinet, Voice, Armonics)
WHEN: Saturday March 18th 17:30-19:30
Cabopino 29604 Marbella
CONTRIBUTION: 20€ LIMITED PLACES ( Inscription needed)
INFORMATION AND INSCRIPTION: 650 460 664/658 921 373

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