SUFI HEALING MUSIC Workshop in CARTA MÁGICA, Cártama Estación (Málaga)

IGNACIO BÉJAR´s Concert in RAK SAENG school, in Madrid
27 February, 2017
Taller de Musica sufi sanadora en el Convento de Santo Domingo, Ronda ney
Conference/Workshop of EASTERN MUSIC THERAPY in “Ecuentros con lo Sutil” in CONDE DUQUE, Madrid
3 March, 2017

SUFI HEALING MUSIC Workshop in CARTA MÁGICA, Cártama Estación (Málaga)

Oriental live music as a way for harmonizing and healing.

If you want the world to change and things get better, start by creating that change in yourself, vibrating at a higher frequency, this will create a resonance in your life and around you.

The Healing Sufi Music works with this principle of resonance as used by Pythagoras (6th century BC) and the Sufi sages of Al Andalus and the Middle East, with ancient instruments played live, to help this vibrational change.
Workshop of two and a half hours.

OFFER: Ignacio Béjar.
INSTRUMENTS: Turkish Ney, Oud, Rebab, Lyre, Tibetan Bowls, Overtones, Turkish Clarinet, Voice.

WHEN: Friday, March 17, 2017, at 8:15 p.m.
WHERE: Libreria CARTA MÁGICA, C / Holanda nº1, Estación de Cártama (Málaga)
CONTRIBUTION: 20 € Places limited (Previous reservation required)

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