Workshop of ORIENTAL HEALING MUSIC in TEATRO ACUARIO, Villa Carlos Paz (Argentina)

Workshop pf HEALING SUFI MUSIC in VIBROACUSTICA Center, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
6 January, 2018
6 January, 2018

Workshop of ORIENTAL HEALING MUSIC in TEATRO ACUARIO, Villa Carlos Paz (Argentina)

This workshop offers us a profound experience of healing, at a holistic level, through oriental music created at the time using instruments of the Sufi tradition and musical scales with healing properties, as applied by doctors in hospitals in Al-Andalus and the Middle East, to treat all kinds of ailments and help the expansion of consciousness.
Ignacio Béjar defines this experience as: “an initiation through music, vibration and energy where a personal process of renewal and internal growth begins that brings important changes to the person, which allows him to improve the different aspects of their life and develop another broader perspective of their problems and of themselves, as well as an awakening of consciousness that helps them, in many cases, to understand their life purpose “.
IMPART: Ignacio Béjar
DURATION: 3 hours
INSTRUMENTS: Ney (flute of cane), Oud (Arab Laud), Rebab, Tibetan Bowls, Turkish Clarinet, Voice, Chant difónico.
WHEN: Wednesday, December 13 at 2:30 p.m.
WHERE: TEATRO ACUARIO, Aquarium Gallery C / Alem 48.
Villa Carlos Paz
PRICE: $ 550
INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS: Gladis: +54 9 2954 55 8472
Andrea: 3451-553528

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