Sufi Music and Poetry Recital at Espacio La Magdalena, in PLASENCIA ABIERTA

MUSIC SCHOOL FOR UNITY, Initiation Workshop in Malaga
13 September, 2019
Ignacio Béjar’s musical participation in the retreat INTUITION: SACRED AND SECULAR at Miramar Retreat Center in Duxbury, USA
24 September, 2019

Sufi Music and Poetry Recital at Espacio La Magdalena, in PLASENCIA ABIERTA

“Whenever Beauty looks,
Love is there too;
whenever beauty shows a rosy cheek
Love kindles its fire with that flame.”
Sufi traditional music from Turkey and Sufi-inspired compositions of one’s own
accompanied by different instruments from the East and the Mediterranean
as the Ney, Oud, Rebab, Santur, Lira, Harmoníum, Turkish Clarinet, Duduk, Voice,… together
with others previously recorded by the same interpreter.
Ignacio Bejar will illustrate each musical theme with poetry by sufis authors (Rumi, Hafiz, Ibn
Arabi, Attar,….). Mystical poets of the Middle East and Al Andalus.
A ritual through beauty to connect with the subtlest
Creating a sacred space through beauty, connecting with the essence of the
Sufism, and its work of uniting heaven and earth through art (music, poetry, dance)
as the Sufis have done, for centuries, in their Sema ceremonies.
the Dervishes).
More information, videos and music:

“Sometimes the senses can be the door to the invisible.
Beauty created from the heart is the best way to sow seeds of Light and of
create a resonance to attract a more harmonious reality.
For me, that’s the true meaning of art.” Ignacio Béjar.

WHERE: La Magdalena Space within the program PLASENCIA ABIERTA (Plasencia)
WHEN: Saturday 21 September at 22:30 hours
ORGANIZATION: Plasencia Town Hall and the Plasencia Muslim Community
FREE ENTRANCE Until full capacity is reached


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