SUFI HEALING MUSIC Workshop in CENTRO ESENCIA, Cala del Moral (Málaga)

30 August, 2019
BEING BORN TO OUR TRUE BEING. Sufi Healing Music Workshop in CENTRO AGAPE, Malaga
30 August, 2019

SUFI HEALING MUSIC Workshop in CENTRO ESENCIA, Cala del Moral (Málaga)

SUFI HEALING MUSIC (Oriental Music Therapy)

PLACE: Centro Esencia (La Cala del Morál / Totalán)
DATE: 17 November 2018
HOURS: 11h to 14h
+INFO / RESERVE: Tel: 686 00 83 45 Mail:

It is an ancient Sufi healing technique through music played live with oriental instruments, based on the knowledge of Pythagoras and Ancient Egypt that developed the wise men of Al-Andalus and the Middle East as Avicenna, Al Farabi, Avempace, among others, applying it in hospitals at the time as a treatment for all kinds of ailments and diseases.
It is based on a holistic concept of the human being as part of the Unity, so that illness and disharmony come from separation.

Each session is an initiation through music, vibration and energy where you begin a personal process of renewal and inner growth that brings important changes to the person, allowing them to improve the different aspects of their life and develop a broader perspective of their problems and themselves, as well as an awakening of consciousness that helps them, in many cases, to understand their life purpose and the meaning of everything that has happened before in life and what they are currently living.

We are like seeds, which until they are sown in good soil and properly watered do not germinate and display the information of what they really are, only when they grow we can see what was hidden inside, what was its true form and we can taste its fruits.

IMPARTE: IGNACIO BÉJAR: Multi instrumentalist, Composer, Musician therapist and researcher of the healing power of music in different traditional cultures.

INSTRUMENTS: Ney, Oud, Rebab, Lira, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Voice, Overtones chant, Turkish Clarinet.

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