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6 January, 2018

Workshop of HEALING ORIENTAL MUSIC in Estancia Park “La Quinta”, Carlos Paz (Argentina)

A profound experience of healing, at a holistic level, through the music created at the moment using Eastern instruments and musical scales with healing properties, as […]
6 January, 2018

Ignacio Béjar in the 1st MEETING OF THE GALACTIC CONFEDERATION OF LIGHT in Carlos Paz (Argentina)

6 January, 2018


The music was used in the Marists, hospitals of Al-Andalus and throughout the Middle East, by the sages of ancient times as a form of medicine […]
6 January, 2018

Workshop of SEMA (Whirling dervishes dance) in PRANA, Madrid

If you have never participated in a SEMA meeting (dervish turn) now you have an opportunity to do it, to take your wings and fly in […]
6 January, 2018

Workshop of SUFI HEALING MUSIC in PRANA, Madrid

A profound experience of harmonization and healing through Oriental music played live with millenary instruments of the Sufi tradition. Three-hour workshop Heart music for (among other […]

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