MUSIC SCHOOL FOR UNITY, Initiation Workshop in Malaga

5 September, 2019
Sufi Music and Poetry Recital at Espacio La Magdalena, in PLASENCIA ABIERTA
24 September, 2019

MUSIC SCHOOL FOR UNITY, Initiation Workshop in Malaga


“The heart of man is a musical instrument, it contains great music. Sleeping, but there it is, waiting for the right moment to be interpreted, expressed, sung, danced. And it is through Love that the moment comes.”
Mevlana Rumi

“Music is the best way to unite with God. A musician with a belief in God offers him the beauty, perfume and color of his soul. “Music is the main means to awaken the soul, there is nothing better. Music is the shortest and most direct way to God. The Music of Life, by Hazrat Inayat Khan (Sufi musician and teacher from India)

A different and novel vision of music as an instrument for Unity and as a tool for alchemy and inner transformation.
Connecting musical learning with the Sufi path.

A spiritual work of self-discovery and liberation of our Being through Music.
A path of musical learning of Middle Eastern instruments connecting with our spiritual part, developing the concept of being instruments of the Divinity.
With this objective we will learn to play Sufi instruments and music to interpret the music hidden in our heart.
Rescuing the sacred, healing and ritual sense of music.

We will start working with the ney and with the voice and later we will incorporate other instruments.

No previous musical knowledge is needed, just the longing and openness to remember and connect with Unity.

There will be a previous interview to select the students of the School.

– Develop conscious listening
– The interpretation of musical instruments as a form of prayer and meditation
– Cleaning channels that connect us with our Being and with the Source
– Develop internal (and external) listening
– Develop improvisation and fluency in music and everyday life
– Discovering the power of Resonance
– A profound process of inner transformation (alchemy)
– Unity Awareness
– Developing the power of music for self-healing
– Raise our vibration / modulate our frequency and our inner music
– Sensitization to energy
– To develop our creative and creative capacity both in music and in our lives.
– Creation of new neuronal synapses, and activation of DNA
– Opening of the heart (awakening the divine spark)
– Self Healing and Harmonization through Music, Dance and Poetry
– Music and resilience
– Awakening our inner master
– Transcend our limits and amplify our consciousness
– Develop intuition and discernment
– Activation of Synchronicities
– Experience music in the Presence.
– Experiencing inner silence and emptiness.
– Develop the composition intuitively
– Developing the power of intention
– Activation of the right hemisphere and unification with the left hemisphere
– Knowledge of other Eastern musical forms (modal music)
– Playing music from the heart
– Open ourselves to inspiration
– Developing the connection with our inner self

TOOLS (Among others):
There will be a theoretical part, but above all many experiential parts in group and couples. Without forgetting the individual work in solitary of each one with the instrument and with itself, that is indispensable.

We will work with:
– Exercises to liberate and develop our voice connected to our inner voice
– The practice of instruments
– Learn how to perform music from the Middle East and Central Asia
– Ear development exercises
– Working with movement and dance with live music
– Dervish tour with live music
– Practices of zikhers (Sufi mantras)
– Exercises in Creative Visualization
– How to tune and harmonize
– Apprenticeship and practice of makams (Turkish scales) as the technical basis of Sufi Healing Music
– Interpretation and musical creation in group
– Sowing seeds of Light
– We will work with meditation and prayer
– Sufi Healing Music Sessions with Live Music
– Improvisation exercises
– Exercises to develop creativity and creative capacity
– The mirror
– Experimentation with other instruments
– Interpretation of subconscious messages
– Baksit Dances (from Central Asia)
– Creation of our sacred space through music
– Unification of Heaven and Earth
– Intuitive composition development
– Dancing the Self
– Breathing exercises
– Rhythms

The format of the School will be bimonthly workshops. (one workshop every two months)

WHEN: Saturday 5 October 2019 from 10:00 to 20:00h (eight-hour workshop)
WHERE: C/ Eslava nº 15 (next to Vialia) Málaga

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