LIBERATE THROUGH SUFI MUSIC Workshop in Casablanca (Morocco)

BEING BORN TO OUR TRUE BEING. Sufi Healing Music Workshop in CENTRO AGAPE, Malaga
30 August, 2019
Benefit Concert in Casablanca (Morocco)
30 August, 2019

LIBERATE THROUGH SUFI MUSIC Workshop in Casablanca (Morocco)

Coming soon in Casablanca (Morocco)
(Two-day workshop in Spanish and French)

Viva El Hayat offers a weekend of wellness and fitness around oriental music therapy.
Based on the principles of Sufi music, Oriental music therapy is a gentle medicine based on sound and music as a means of exerting energetic, physiological and spiritual action on individuals, with proven healing effects.

Through the rhythm of instruments, song and movement, the therapist calibrates the vibration of our various organs in order to release tension, heal certain emotional blockages and generate a state of harmony conducive to openness to oneself and the body. others.

The two days of training will be based on sessions of singing and dancing music therapy, marked by sessions of yoga and meditation.



IGNACIO BEJAR is a musician, composer and music therapist. He uses Sufi music as a tool for healing, expanding consciousness and connecting with the spiritual world. Participate as a musician in the rituals of “Sema” or dancing dervishes.

KENZA BENMOUSSA, is a yoga and meditation teacher. She uses techniques learned in Yoga, Ayurveda and Reiki to offer moments of return to oneself.

Why participate in this weekend?

During the weekend “Free yourself with music”, you will discover oriental music therapy during a weekend designed to rejuvenate you.

The healing virtues of singing and music have been known since time immemorial and in all cultures. Great mystics such as Ibn ‘Arabi or Sohrawardi, in the course of a chapter or pages, have alluded to music and some of its beneficial properties.

The pleasure of listening to music is beneficial to the body and mind. Some scientific studies have shown that music influences heart rate, therefore, tension, stimulates intellectual activity, reduces anxiety and promotes romantic relationships. Listening to pleasant music causes the secretion of endorphins, naturally analgesic and euphoric substances.

Every organ, every bone, every cell in the body has its own resonance frequency. Their ensemble generates a composite frequency, comparable to the instruments that make up an orchestra. Thanks to the healing power of sound, it may be possible to restore harmony between the organ that does not vibrate at a good frequency and the rest of the body.

SATURDAY 16 AND SUNDAY 17 February 2019.

Location: Top Zen Center
7 rue du lierre, Anfa, Casablanca

Saturday 16 February
8h30-9h30: yoga-kenza benmoussa
10h-14h: music therapy-Ignacio Béjar.
14h-16h: Lunch break and walk for happiness.
16H-20H: Music Therapy- Ignacio Béjar.

Sunday 17 February
8h30-9h30: yoga-kenza benmoussa
10h-14h: music therapy-Ignacio Béjar.
14h-16h: Lunch break and walk for happiness.
16h-18h: music therapy-Ignacio Béjar.

Participation fee: 2800 dhs, lunch and breaks included.

For more information: +212 6 51 80 03 75.
* Limited places

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