HEALING WITH SUFI MUSIC workshop in PRANA Espacio Holístico, Madrid

Workshop of HEALING WITH SUFI MUSIC in ANANTA PILATES, Collado Villalba (Madrid)
3 October, 2017
1 November, 2017

HEALING WITH SUFI MUSIC workshop in PRANA Espacio Holístico, Madrid

This workshop proposes a profound experience of healing, holistically, through the music created at the time using instruments of the Sufi tradition and musical scales with healing properties, as applied by doctors in the hospitals of Al-Andalus and the Middle East, to treat all kinds of illnesess and help the expansion of consciousness.
This work is based in the Oriental Music Therapy technic that has been rescued and developed by Dr. Oruç Guvenç from Istanbul, of which I have been a pupil, and whose work of dissemination I have been doing for 14 years.

IMPARTMENT: Ignacio Béjar
DURATION: 3 hours
INSTRUMENTS: Ney (flute of cane), Oud (Arabic Laud), Rebab, Lyre, Tibetan Bowls, Turkish Clarinet, Voice, Overtone singing.
WHEN: Friday, October 20 at 7:30 p.m.
WHERE: PRANA, HOLISTIC SPACE C / Ardemans nº 15. Madrid (Metro Diego de León)
PRICE: € 25
INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS: 911 640 484/699 438 282
More about the SUFI HEALING MUSIC: https://ignaciobejar.com.mialias.net/sufi-healing-music/

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