Conference: MUSIC, MEDICINE FOR THE SOUL in Carlos Paz (Argentina)

Tour of Ignacio Béjar by Argentina
6 January, 2018
6 January, 2018

Conference: MUSIC, MEDICINE FOR THE SOUL in Carlos Paz (Argentina)

What are the hidden abilities of music?
Apart from inspiring emotions can be effective to heal physical and mental illnesses?
From very old times music has been used by different ancient cultures around the world as a powerful tool to heal body and soul in places like India, Persia, Greece, Ancient Egypt, Central Asia, among others, where it was considered as a highest forms of medicine, based in the principle that everything in the universe is vibration, and when the harmony among the different vibrations breaks down the disease arises.
In China it was even considered that music was the origin of medicine.
In Al-Andalus, this knowledge was sublimated and brought to the maximum expression, being used in hospitals to treat all kinds of diseases.

IMPART: Ignacio Béjar (Musician, therapist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and researcher of the healing power of music in traditional cultures)

WHEN: Monday 4/12/2017 at 7:00 p.m.

PLACE: Hall Municipal Auditorium C / Liniers nº 50 Villa Carlos Paz (Córdoba) Argentina

Free entry (until complete seats)

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